Be Focused.

Stay focused and track your productivity using the Pomodoro technique with some twists.

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Create a Pom

A Pom is a category of focused time. This category of focused time should be general and apply to a chunk of time. Poms are not to be use to track individual items such as an item on a todo list. Rather that item on your todo list can be tracked as focused time using a Pom.

Here are a few examples.

Set Goals

The recommended number of Poms in a day is 8. This represents 8 units of distraction free time dedicated to that activity. Each day you want to hit this goal of 8. The goal is of course customizeable to what you think works for you!

Set Time

Pomodoro technique suggests 25 minutes as a focused unit of time. The suggested short break duration is 5 minutes while the long break duration is 15 minutes. All of these time values are customizeable!

Track Productivity

Use stats to determine if you are hitting your goals and where you are spending most of your focused time each day. Identify what parts of the day you are more focused versus others. Use this information to form new habits or identify where you need to spend more time.

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